Sunday, December 26, 2010

English Entry

Today i wake up early in the morning to go to lecture's hall. Class at 8am.Huh, awesome right. I went to class with my friend by my super bike Harley Davidson .Hahahaa , I'm just kidding =). About 8 o'clock , we arrived at class. There are already got many peoples there. After a minute and a minute waiting for my beloved lecturer and still a minute, and after thousands minutes past, She's not comes. Arghhhh, i'm stress..why?? supposed i'm happy right if the class is cancelled, but i'm not. I'm so not happy because i'm very excited to start new class for this semester. Poor me..I'm too bored doing nothing at my room. *sigh

        After took a breakfast at cafe, i went back to my room. I ate Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah. So delicious and dont forget got to many calories and fat too. Hahahaha. Do i care?? Yes, actually i care to much because my weight gained while i was at home . 1 months holidays and got 2-3 kilos.Awesome.

       At my room i was thinking what i gonna do today. Firstly, i login to Facebook and played cityville. i'm addicted to this game . This is because of encouragement from my fren. She said, ''Please susu, please accept my game request to you". and also, "please dear, please send the gifts to me" . She's doing a cute face to seduce me to fullfill her request. And now, i'm addicted to CityVille. what the fish. Everyday i login to FB and playing that stuff. What a waste. Hahahaha

        At about 2 hours later, i stop playing game. While i was listening to Flyfm , i got crush to a song. English song of course. This female singer's voice is very nice. And the song is awesome. I thought that singer from overseas. After the song finished, the DJ said that a song from Najwa, our local artist. Wow, i'm impressed. This is very cool. Malaysian presented a good and high quality song. I search the video at Youtube and search a lyrics too. I'm in love with this song and keep sing and sing it again and again. Why dont you listen to this song and do comments. I think thats all for my English Entry. I want to improve my English. I hope sifu Sueannajoe  check it. Thank You Teacher.

Hope you enjoy the show

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