Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 here we come

owh yeah for real today is 2nd of January. We now in the beginning of 2011. Are u clbrate happy new year??if u ask me i said nope. y?y? because i clbrate Maal Hijrah..hahaha..Yes, of cos la..i clbrate Awal Muharam not awal January..plss trust me, plsss =)

eventhough i'm not clbrate it, i hve list my own goals for 2011..goals or myb i could write it angan2. Which is bttr?i thnk angan2 or my dream for 2011 is bttr for me, bout u ols??or u rather call it azam thn baru rite??

k la i wnt to share my angan2 for dis year wif ols.i hope u share too
  • finish my studies and hve my graduation..bless me
  • saving money alot2 bcoz i wnt to go overseas. For wht??huuu...juz wait n c lah, i'm shy to share =P

  • so to save money i hve to work..i hope i get jobs afta finish my studies, not the real one job..juz simple work b4 go to my professional field ( fuh statement, xleh bla)
  • get my driving license, plss pray for me dear
  • get new car (if Pama support me) hahaha, u wish la dear..
  • married?? wuu, i dont thnk's too early lah..but klu da smp seru i juz go wif da flow ( statement artis fofuler)
  • then and then i hve sumthg in my mind rite now..i thnk i want to involve in bussiness, myb afta dis i wnt to go kursus keusahawanan, kss jahitan or myb masak2..sounds gud rite..heee
i thnk dats all my angan2 for dis year. Plss pray for my success frens. klu de lg nti i tmbh k.babai

p/s: miss  daniel iskandar lah..he's now da jd mcm bby korean jek, sepet

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