Friday, January 7, 2011

Gulliver's travel

hey wassupp..hpy friday to all of u..wht ur plan for dis weekend???if u hv no plan..i suggest u all go to your near cinemas and watch gulliver's travel. i hve watched dis on last wednesday. overall, dis movie will not disspointed u..i luv it.jack is awesome. He always played in comedy genre and guaranteed entertain ur day. If u luv him in school of rock, i suggest u go to watch gulliver's not too late to watch. There is in 3D too



p/s: bring me too if u wnt to go to cinema, i wnt to watch it again. Hppy watching


Raji berkata said...

woahhh bunyi cmbest jer ;D
smpai xkesah nk tgk lagi

ak tgh xde duit nk gi tgk wayang T.T
nnti2lah ak donload cter nih ;P

susu said...

best oi..gilA xbest, huhu..klu ko donlod nt bg aku gak

Hyda said...

bes..bes...bessiot cite ni.....hehehee...
tp hati2 masuk panggung...
wa kena beb!!!

susu said...

mmg kena ahh..dasat tul